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  • Kim

5 Reasons To Take Your Dad To Wolverhampton This Father's Day

So, your dad's awesome, right? He's been there since you can remember and you have all these amazing memories of having fun when you were a kid. Or your dad's a bit boring and never really done anything for you, but society dictates you should celebrate him for some reason.

However you feel, your dad should be celebrated - I mean, you weren't the nicest kid growing up, really, were you? He deserves a little acknowledgement just for seeing you like that and not bolting.

So why should you take your dad to Wolverhampton this Father's Day? Well for a few reasons.

Obviously, you've got to visit us at Chase The Escape. We're right in the town centre and our 1930's-themed room will be the perfect opportunity to spend some quality time with the man who shares your genes, or the man who infiltrated your family and didn't leave. Not only that, but we've got an offer that DADS PLAY FOR FREE on both Saturday 15th and Sunday 16th June 2019. So whether you love or tolerate him, you don't have to pay for him. We do have some conditions - you can only have one dad per group that goes free, so pick your favourite. You also need a minimum of 2 paying players, so ask a sibling or other parent to join you and you can split the cost! Dad feels spoiled and two of you can pretend you spent loads of money on him. We won't tell him!

If your dad is a bit sporty, why not visit Wolf Mountain?

Wolf Mountain is an indoor climbing facility that offer so many types of activities. Never climbed before? No worries, they have qualified instructors who can teach you how. Visit their site and book now! If you're regular climbers, you can just turn up and go, or book one of their other activities. So much fun and cheap as chips! Another proper team-building thing, as you need to trust each other with your lives! We'd probably suggest this for happy families as we don't want to be responsible for any 'accidents' while they're up the wall.

Sticking to the sporting theme, why not go to the Molineux Stadium's Wolves Museum!

You have to pay for tickets to visit this museum, but there's a lot of fun history of the Wolverhampton Wanderers as well as interactive elements. Amazingly, it's only down the road from us, so you can go there before or after your incredible adventure with us and then continue your journey through time. We are being totally stereotypical, though, by assuming every man likes football, but we thought we would offer it because it is fun.

Let's take it back to basics: FOOD

Wolverhampton has so many restaurants for every price. The town centre boasts fast food places we all know and love, as well as pubs, Weatherspoons, and Yates'. There are so many places, we can't even pretend to list them. Ones we visit regularly are Nandos, The Royal London, KFC and Subway. Alternatively, if you want to travel 10 minutes out of town to Bentley Bridge, there are so many restaurants there. Namely, Cosmos, the Nickelodeon, Chiquitos, and Pizza Hut.

Want to chill out after using your brain so much Raiding The S.T.A.G.G?

Go to Cineworld at Bentley Bridge. You know the deal about cinemas. You turn up when the film is due to start, buy your ticket (or buy it in advance if you want to secure a certain time) buy snacks and watch your film. Perfect for families who don't want to spend a lot of time talking. So why not play with us, talk on the ride to Bentley Bridge about how much fun you had, then sit in silence for two hours and enjoy the latest releases.

So there you have it. Bring your dad to Wolverhampton this Father's Day to have some good food, watch a film, learn about the Wolverhampton Wanderers, climb an indoor mountain and have an adventure with us at Chase The Escape - the family-friendly escape room in, you've guessed it, Wolverhampton. However you choose to spend this weekend, we hope you have fun. If you're a dad reading this and want your kids to take you to Wolverhampton then share this with them as a subtle hint.