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Inside Clockwork Escapes

Maple House

19 Clarence Road

Off Waterloo Road



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  • Kim

Family-Friendly Escape Room?

Our escape room in Wolverhampton gives players a fun time regardless of age. We call ourselves the family-friendly escape room, but that doesn’t mean we only cater to families. People of all ages and relationships come from far and wide to play Raid The S.T.A.G.G in Wolverhampton. We have had Stag and Hen dos, couples, families, work-friends and groups of friends just looking for something fun to do together.

What makes us family-friendly? Our puzzles involve things that everyone loves. Search and find puzzles that kids can help with, or that you’ll love to find yourself. Physical dexterity puzzles that challenge your co-ordination – they’ll keep you busy as well as keep children or teens. It’s all about sharing the experience with the group – whoever is a part of that group. Don’t have kids in the group? Raid The S.T.A.G.G is going to prove a challenge for you – some top players in the world couldn’t get out!

Chase The Escape strongly believe that escape rooms should be a fun experience. If you’re not having fun, then we haven’t done our job correctly. We have put a lot of thought into what types of puzzles people like and how to accommodate different kinds into our escape room in Wolverhampton. We’ve had feedback from many groups who have helped shape the room as it stands today. We put you first, and really want you to leave feeling like you’ve done something amazing.

Our plans to grow our fun side include charades online where you can try to guess what film, book or tv show we are miming out. Competitions around Wolverhampton to get you involved with the city. Weekly puzzles and riddles online to keep your brain awake. We also have fun characters as your host to the room, so you feel like you’re immersed in the game completely. Our hosts read your group and will be more fun if you’re up for it. If you’re a serious competitor, then we’ll back off and be purely professional to help you get as far as you can in our room.

That’s us in a nutshell. Focused on the fun side of escape rooms – whether you’re in a family group or not. If you’re looking for a fun hour in Wolverhampton, then come to our family-friendly escape room. Chase The Escape – Ready For Your Adventure.