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  • Kim

Grand Escape: Paranormal Room 1409

Date Visited: 6th June 2019

From https://grand-escape.co.uk

One of the hardest escape rooms in Birmingham, Room 1409 will challenge even the most experienced team.
A spontaneous weekend in New-York becomes the most challenging of your life.
It all started when you were booking into the hotel, and only one room was available: Room 1409. On a previous trip, you had heard an old wives tale about that exact room… something about a group of unsuspecting holiday-makers being locked inside and vanishing, but that couldn’t be true, could it? Anyway, you haven’t got any other options, and at this point, all you care about is getting some shut-eye. You’re all shown to your room and everything is fine, but as you hear the key turn to lock the door reality and illusion begin to blur. You need to get out fast, but can you?

Time for another review from us at Chase The Escape| Family-Friendly Escape Room in Wolverhampton. We don't just own and run Raid The S.T.A.G.G, we love to play escape rooms ourselves. We chose Grand Escapes in Birmingham, because we haven't played any of their rooms, yet and wanted to try something new. You may remember that we have played a scary room in February in Derby - Unescapable's Edith. You can find our review here.

When choosing which room to play, we were torn between the two on offer - The Holy Grail, or Paranormal Room 1409. In the end, we chose 1409 because it lured us in with how hard it claimed to be. We thought why not start with an incredible challenge, and if we liked it, return to play a simpler game.

We really enjoyed this and escaped with 4 minutes to go. We needed several clues because many puzzles aren't self-explanatory, meaning if you didn't immediately figure it out, you were unlikely to do so. Once a clue had been given, however, it was quite clear how to solve it. The Games Master told us that he had several clues for each puzzle lined up and he was impressed that we tended to get it after one clue, whereas most people need at least two or three before they get it. I think this shows that experienced groups are probably going to do best in this room.

There were several puzzles in the room that were very fun and creepy at the same time. Others were simply creepy and some were just fun. Kim wasn't a big fan of how abstract some of the puzzles were and that they needed to give us help before we even had an inkling of what to do. However, as we said, once a clue was given, it was still fun to solve them.

As for decoration and theme, it was all done very well. Many devices were used to set you on edge. There wasn't a live actor in there, and this was good. With how the room was laid out, it would have been difficult for an actor to do much to us. Even without a live actor, the room managed to creep us out, and make us jump and scream at certain points. It was very good and if you're looking for a creepy room without an actor, we would recommend it.

The story falls a little short in one area. You're told that there have been murders and suicides and you've got an hour to figure out what's happening and to escape. Makes sense. Except there is no evidence as to what exactly has caused things to happen. We couldn't tell you whether it was ghosts, a curse, a human killer, fog that makes you insane - we haven't a clue. The Games Master didn't ask us at the end what we had figured out and it seems the main aim was just to get out of the room. While this is fine, we would just take out the part of the story where you have to figure out what was the cause.

All in all, a very good, hard room and we are definitely planning on going back to play The Holy Grail. We were told by the Games Master that their new room: Alice in Wonderland would be opening the next day, so once we have played the Holy Grail, we will be going back to play Alice in Wonderland. We were also told that they have the space to end up with seven or eight rooms altogether, so we imagine this will become a favourite of ours based off Paranormal Room 1409.