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Inside Clockwork Escapes

Maple House

19 Clarence Road

Off Waterloo Road



© 2020 Chase The Escape

  • Kim

One More Week

With one week left before we open Raid The S.T.A.G.G, we are getting so excited about how far we have come. From just a pipe-dream to actually being able to have customers come in and play our game! We want to say a big thank you to every one who has helped us achieve our dream, as well as all of you who will play our room. We can’t wait to share this adventure with you – to transport you back to the 1930’s to Raid The Storage of Treasures and Artefacts for the Greater Good warehouse for our adventurer: Dr Dakota Smith! Here’s a sneak-peak of the room in our teaser trailer below:

Today has marked the end of making the big changes to the room and puzzles. The rest of the weekend will be spent putting final touches and finesse to our new escape room in Wolverhampton! One of those final touches has been added today: adding the Chase The Escape Logo to our waiting area’s door.

Once you’ve been to the toilet (if needed) in Clockwork Escapes, you’ll be taken to our area of the building. The change is dramatic: Our waiting area is warm and bright, with our logo and name dotted around, as well as some fun, adventure-related items. After all the businessy-stuff is dealt with, you’ll be taken back in time to begin your journey. Can you Raid the S.T.A.G.G. and help Dr Dakota Smith? Only one way to find out! Book your adventure with Chase The Escape | Wolverhampton’s Family-Friendly Escape Room now.

Until then, Adventurers,

Phill and Kim from Chase The Escape.