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Inside Clockwork Escapes

Maple House

19 Clarence Road

Off Waterloo Road



© 2020 Chase The Escape

  • Kim

Spring Cleaning

#springclean is happening at Chase The Escape in Wolverhampton.

The room we are renting from Clockwork Escapes has been used as storage ever since The Nolan Exhibit closed, so it has taken a while to clear it out. We have been working tirelessly to remove unwanted devices as well as painting, building and puzzling great things for the S.T.A.G.G to open. We are looking forward to getting it up and running and it should be within a month or so! How exciting!

At the beginning of next week, we should be finished with our cleaning and be ready to steam ahead with creating our warehouse. You can expect a warm, welcoming waiting area when you arrive. Here you'll get to ask any questions you may have, sign a waiver if you haven't already, and watch a fun, 1930's-themed safety-brief video. This professional introduction to Chase The Escape should make you feel comfortable and ready to suspend belief by raiding the S.T.A.G.G. Then the fun begins and the chase is on! Your story is explained and you'll be thrust into the world we have created. Can you find the most important item and retrieve it? Only the best will be able to.

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