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  • Kim

Unescapable: Edith

Date Visited: 14th February 2019

From www.unescapable.co.uk

When we first open a time portal we send one of our scientists back to make sure everything is ok and it is all safe and stable – we sent Edith, but unfortunately she hasn’t returned… We’ve now lost communication with her, but we do know that she was trying to shut the portal down when something stopped her. We need your team to finish the job – we would go ourselves but we’re too scared.

We visited Unescapable on Valentine's Day in Derby, UK. We have previously played Tommy and enjoyed the immersive nature of the company. Edith took this to the next level! If you're looking for an experience, then this is the escape room to play! We knew we were onto something amazing just from the entrance to the room. They set us up with creepy noises, changing our perspective and a live actor. This combines to create the best immersive escape room we have done. Honestly, to call it an escape room is selling it short. It combines the best parts of an escape room with the best parts of a house of horrors. Kim generally doesn't enjoy being scared and will always stay out of a haunted house, but the call of Edith was too great. The scares are something from a horror film and they used many means to terrify us.

We managed to cope through most of it by trying to appreciate how they did things as an escape room. Without that ability to take ourselves out of the immersion, we probably would have fallen apart and been carried off in a stretcher babbling about hissy things and the Scots. This escape room is not for the faint-hearted, but don't let the thought of the scary side put you off. We went as a twosome, and knowing the mechanics of the scares, you may get less in a bigger group.

The puzzles were fun and straight-forward, with us needing very little help from our host. However, the scary nature of the room makes solving the puzzles a very hard task as you keep stopping to concentrate on not running away. They have a wonderful ability to understand the psychology of what scares us and managed to find many different ways to put us on edge. At one point, Phill screamed, swore many times and tried to run past Kim to escape the scary thing. (For the last time, I knew you could beat the scary thing better than I could!)

There was a huge satisfaction-rush from escaping this room. We contribute this to the scary factor. You feel so relieved to be away from that place, and in the story you have shut down the portal so you know no one can ever be scared again, until the next group. We normally discuss escape rooms in great length after doing them; talking fervently about the things we loved and the not so good things. Not only did this talk last a really long time after playing the game, but it took longer still for our heart rates to return to normal.

This room rates as our favourite room due to the level of immersion, which is why we are using it to write our first review in our brand new blog! We highly recommend this room to anyone, although it is not disability friendly as far as we know. Young children, pregnant ladies or the more elderly are also probably not recommended to go. No one with a heart condition! We don't want to lose you before you've had a chance to Raid The S.T.A.G.G.

Phill and Kim are in total agreement and can't recommend this room enough! So if you're in the West or East Midlands and looking for a scary escape room experience, please choose Edith over any others. You won't be sorry, only terrified.