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Why Escape Rooms Are A Perfect Teambuilding Activity

What Is Teambuilding?

The corporate version of teambuilding is an activity that forces you to work or play together to build a stronger cohesion in the workplace. If you’re all friends who have shared experiences, you’re more likely to work together in a happier way. Whilst this is important and every company should make this a priority, it’s also important to other relationships. Couples, Families, Friends and Co-Workers all benefit from teambuilding activities for the same reasons as above. It brings you closer, it makes you work together to encourage cohesion and open lines of communication.

How Do Escape Rooms Provide This?

Escape Rooms are a team-based activity. You are physically unable to do it as a single person. Escape Rooms give the team a common goal – as an example, to find an artefact – within a time limit. Even if they are solving different puzzles, they are working toward that goal. The time pressure adds an element of urgency, which can make or break a team. No matter the size of team, you must communicate, work together and use your brains. It enables teams to move forward through a story, developing it together and creating memories. This can be how one person comes in and saves the day by solving a puzzle that others couldn’t wrap their heads around. It could be how one person is holding the answer the whole time, but didn’t tell anyone. These memories allow a strong bond after the event as they can continue the feeling of being a team even once the room has ended.

What Rooms Provide The Best Teambuilding?

Honestly, any escape room has the teambuilding aspect. By their definition, you must be in a team to escape. However, you can try to find rooms that interest the group as a whole – this can be through the theme or types of puzzles they offer. Some companies will tell you what kinds of puzzles to expect, others will try not to reveal anything until you’re in the room. If you’re looking for a specific type of puzzle, for example, a dexterity puzzle, then you can contact the company and enquire. Do any of their rooms contain a dexterity puzzle, or what room would they recommend for beginners, or couples, or whatever your situation is. The owners always want you to have the best experience, so they will recommend the room(s) that will provide what you’re looking for. I will always suggest that you check their website fully for details before contacting them, because they would have put the information up for a reason. If you can’t find the information you’re looking for, then by all means contact them.

What Does Raid The S.T.A.G.G provide?

At Chase The Escape in Wolverhampton, we provide the fun in escape rooms. We want you to have a great time and really bond as a team, so we have puzzles to suit everyone. We have dexterity, maths, riddles, searching and abstract puzzles throughout our 1930s-themed room. We try to immerse you as much as possible by having our Games Master in character to guide you through the S.T.A.G.G. Whether you find Tartan Kumoon or not, we want you to leave feeling like you’ve had an amazing time. This level of customer satisfaction sets us apart from other escape rooms and will ensure any teambuilding is the best. We are in the town centre so finding food or drinks after is easy, and means you can have a nice meal and chat about what happened in the room. We are escape room lovers ourselves, and we love to do this after we play. Talking about it after the fact is another bonding experience and we would always suggest you do so, even if it’s 10 minutes outside before you get in your cars. Ideally, you would go and sit someplace together, but we also understand that it can be difficult to find the time.

So there you have it, folks! Escape rooms are perfect for any form of teambuilding and will help boost your relationship with whoever you’re playing with. If you’re looking for an escape room to help your team, visit www.chase-the-escape.co.uk today and book your session with us in Wolverhampton’s fun escape room.